How To Become A Special Education Lawyer?

by Eli Shimony
How To Become A Special Education Lawyer?
How To Become A Special Education Lawyer?

If you are a kind person and want your personality to reflect through your job or professional life, one option is to become a special education lawyer. A special education attorney basically works to help secure a fair education for children who are less privileged, impaired, or face physical and mental abilities. Moreover, the lawyers for special education also work to create a healthy and workable environment for staff, teachers, and administrates.

Some lawyers for special education also work under professionals to create laws and conduct research to eradicate the learning and testing biases based on classroom assignments, projects, and standardized tests.

What Does A Special Education Lawyer Do?

A special education attorney deals with the school and college issues that the less privileged students have to face. Practically, special education lawyers can work in four different areas- children, politics or advocacy groups, non-profits, and school districts.

The educational lawyers who work for the children only focus on issues faced by children when it comes to access education. Mostly, lawyers for special education of children work with disabled ones. If you want to help an unprivileged child, you can straight up search ‘special education lawyers near me’ and boom, your screen would be full of results as there are plenty of lawyers devoted to this field.

If a lawyer is working for an educational organization, he has to deal with many school cases based on a variety of concerns such as discipline, school governance, records, or collective bargaining. If you want to be a special education lawyer, you can also work on advocacy groups. However, your whole focus would be to constitute educational reforms that go in line with challenging policy issues.

Whereas, a special education attorney who works for government organizations has to deal with several cases such as teachers’ salaries, gender discrimination and etc.

Undergraduate Education Requirements for Becoming A Special Education Lawyer- Special Education Laws

Generally, it would take out about 7 years from the first year of your undergraduate degree to become an educational attorney. However, if you want to explore the area further, you can take an additional year for studies or take a few years off before sending your application for law school.

However, undergraduate degrees in special education vary. While some choose to have a degree in public speaking, others find it good to have a major history or government affairs.

Graduate Program Education Requirements- Special Education Laws

To get your Juris Doctor degree, you must attend a three-year program from law school. In order to take admission to the law school, you need to take and pass the Law School Admission Test.

Here, you can take the choice of learning in a specific law field such as special education, family law, children’s law and etc. Moreover, if you want to specialize in more than one area, you can always choose a joint degree program. A special education attorney must always know about the new developments and rulings relevant to their areas of practice. To maintain the license, he has to participate actively in legal education seminars and courses, also referred to as CLEs. However, the number of seminars of courses varies from state to state.

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