How to file for divorce without lawyers in Austin Texas?

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How to file for divorce without lawyers in Austin Texas?
How to file for divorce without lawyers in Austin Texas?

Divorce isn’t easy for either of the two parties. There’s a lot of time, feelings, hard work and energy involved in building a relationship to the point where you both want to get married. So when divorce becomes an option, there’s a lot of emotional and mental trauma involved.  Legal family matters are complicated especially when children are involved. Even though you might be getting a divorce from your partner, you’d have to distribute co-parenting duties between you and your ex-partner. These duties and responsibilities will inevitably require future interactions with your ex-partner. This means you will have to maintain a relationship as well.

Maintaining a positive relationship even after a divorce is challenging and also quite frankly, not an option for many couples. If someone wants to seek a divorce in Austin, Texas without a divorce attorney on hand, they easily can. You can easily file for divorce by providing the court all the documents and information required from you. If you’re going to seek a divorce all by yourself, then you have to make sure you have the patience, the time and the brainpower to go all the way no matter how tough things get. It’s an unfortunate time of your life and the last thing you want is to handle the whole divorce inadequately.

The first thing you should do is evaluate your life goals of you and your family. You need to understand them in order to draft the right approach to achieve them.  Ending a marriage is stressful. You have to decide how the finances will be divided and create timings or schedules to co-parent in harmony. When you file for divorce in court, you and your partner will be required to come to an agreement that equally divides the responsibilities, finances and the custody of any children.

You should know what exactly you want to get out of this divorce. From financial issues like dividing bank accounts, assets, loans, debts or real estate holdings to getting custody and child support for your child/children, you should know these issues that need to be resolved during a divorce.

Collaborative law requires both, you and your former spouse to find their own goals and work together outside the court to resolve conflicts. This is a law that is practiced to help you and your families begin a new life. When you’re filing for divorce, you should know what type of divorce you’re seeking.

  • Fault: Cruel acts were committed by your spouse
  • No-fault: Irreconcilable differences are highlighted in this type of divorce. Both of you have to live apart for a specific amount of time then.
  • Contested: You and your partner argue on issues and need help in order to come to an agreement.
  • Uncontested: You and your partner agree on all issues
  • Separation: You remain married but you divide responsibilities, assets, custody, etc.

You have to remember that your divorce cannot be finalized in less than 60 days in Austin, Texas. It sometimes goes up to 120 days or more if you have children. You are also required to live in a state for at least 90 to 180 days before filing a divorce.

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