What do Chicago immigration lawyers do?

by Eli Shimony
What do Chicago immigration lawyers do?
What do Chicago immigration lawyers do?

Most immigration lawyers have different duties as compared to other traditional lawyers. They are usually there to advise their clients on immigration laws. They help those who are having trouble while filling out their immigration forms.

However, their task is not all that simple. Other than helping people they ensure that their clients do not get deported. And that they aren’t caught up in tax invasions or anything illegal.

An immigration lawyer can be extremely helpful if you plan on immigrating to another country or even if you are an immigrant in Chicago. The process of applying for citizenship can be pretty overwhelming. A huge stack of documents is involved in the process.

Hence, the process is time-consuming and tedious. A lawyer would enable you to collect all the necessary documents and also help them ace the eligibility criteria. Other few ways in which immigration lawyers help a client are:

  • Assists with immigration examinations
  • Obtain immediate citizenship in case of emergency or threat to life
  • Fight your case in court if the need arises
  • Help you with business and job aspects in the new country

Here, in this article today we will discuss the role of immigration lawyers in Chicago!

Immigration Attorney in Chicago, IL

Role of immigration attorney Chicago

Every best immigration attorney of Chicago offers the following services:


Lawful permanent assistance is one huge battle that every immigrant has to go through. They help you become Naturalized Citizens of the United States.

Green card renewals

If you already a permanent citizen of the state, so you must require green card renewal at some point in your life. Attorneys can assist you in fighting conditional renewals.

Immigrant and non-immigrant visas

Immigrant visas allow you to enter the state of Chicago with legal and valid visas recognized throughout the state of America both permanently and temporarily.

U visas

U-visas is a special type of visas for individuals or their families who have been a victim of abuse in the United States of America. These people have been subjected to crime in unfortunate circumstances on the premises of America.

Defense for deportation

Immigration attorneys not only help people settle in the country, but they also help people stay put. Immigration attorneys fight defense for immigrants who are being deported due to some reason.  

Asylum and torture laws

Attorneys would assist people who have fled the country due to being a victim of torture. Including persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, and/or particular social group.

Criminal attorney

Before filing for immigration, lawyers confidentially analyze an individual’s criminal records. So that they can minimize the danger of being denied immigration benefits. Especially if they have been spotted at the border due to some criminal records.  

Attaining eb1a visa

Chicago’s highly experienced lawyers help people with special skills in a certain area acquire an eb1a visa. These include skills such as extraordinary talent in arts, sports, academia, or athletics.


Individuals who are fighting any issues related to immigration should most definitely hire an immigration lawyer. Having a powerful attorney on your side can make your case very strong. The lawyers can help you reach the most favorable solution in little time.  

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