White-collar crime lawyer in Colorado

by Eli Shimony
White-collar crime lawyer in Colorado

Are you charged with a white-collar crime?

If you are facing white-collar offenses, the only one that can help you is an experienced white-collar crime lawyer in CO. Only a few lawyers from across the country are admitted to practice in the federal courts. Federal/white-collar crimes are usually prosecuted in federal court. White-collar crime attorneys are devoted to defending clients with federal felonies.

Ever since the economic catastrophe that occurred in the year 2008, the media and the federal government have been obsessed with white-collar crimes. The federal government handles white-collar crimes very aggressively. It means that there’s no room for leniency when your career, employment, and reputation are at stake.

Some pedestrian examples of white-collar crimes are internet fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, extortion, kidnapping, larceny, identity theft, etc. If you have been accused of any federal/white-collar crime, you need an experienced white-collar crime attorney in CO to build your defense case.

Common crimes that a white-collar attorney deal with

Here are some examples of federal crimes:


This involves an act by an individual to limit or fake valuable assets and items. A common example of counterfeiting is fake currency. The US bill notes and coins are designed ornately to prevent counterfeiting. Counterfeiting can not only hurt the general public but also investors, leading to a bad image of the US brand. In addition to that, t-shirts, pants, jewelry, and shoes can be counterfeited as well.


Fraud is a primary class of federal/white-collar crime which includes other white-collar crimes such as internet fraud, identity theft, bank fraud, insurance fraud, cell phone fraud, healthcare fraud, credit card fraud, etc.

Fraud happens when someone distorts information, does not provide key information, and misuses the untrue information lie about the past, future, or present. The purpose of fraud is financial gain. However, if you have been wrongly accused of fraud and are being interrogated by federal agencies like the FBI and IRS, it is important to seek advice from a Colorado White-collar crime lawyer.

Extortion, bribery, and embezzlement

These white-collar crimes involve using influence to bend the will of an individual or an organization for financial gain. While bribery involves the act of giving money to buy favors, embezzlement involves the unethical and illegal appropriation of funds/money entrusted for the purpose of investment.

Extortion is the act of forcing individuals to provide remuneration in exchange for security. If the remuneration is not provided, the potential subject could be harmed by the party.

Other federal crimes include:

  • Police impersonation
  • Money laundering
  • Blackmailing
  • Shell games
  • Real estate fraud
  • Odometer fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Federal estate evasion
  • Human trafficking
  • Sex crimes
  • Publishing of fake coupon
  • Racketeering
  • Over-billing clients
  • Pyramid schemes

What white-collar crime is considered a felony?

White-collar is a crime committed by those wearing suits to work. Corporate crimes done despite having an official post in the office are also known as white-collar crimes. While some cases get bounced to the federal court, other crimes such as theft are prosecuted directly in Colorado courts.

As the federal government handles white-collar crimes aggressively, the consequences of a white-collar felony are dire. If you are ever accused of white-collar crime, not only do you lose your job but it also affects your future employment. You would never be able to work with a reputable corporation as most employers check the criminal record.

Each white-collar crime is prosecuted differently, depending on the evidence. You need a legal defense strategy to bail yourself out of white-collar crime.

A white-collar crime lawyer can help you build a strong legal defense plan to protect your constitutional rights.

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